New Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud functions as an all-encompassing solution designed to oversee the complete revenue cycle, fostering the optimization of different stages within the revenue lifecycle. The Customer 360 Platform effectively simplifies revenue operations, promoting swift scalability. Whether you’re dedicated to fine-tuning pricing strategies, enhancing sales performance, or optimizing overall revenue operations, Revenue Cloud delivers crucial insights to propel your success.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud guarantees a rapid, uncomplicated, and flexible B2B purchasing experience for your customers.


  • Speed up the finalization of deals with automated approvals
  • Enable upselling and cross-selling through guided selling
  • Efficiently streamline high-potential opportunities using automation

Revenue Operations

  • Precisely predict comprehensive revenue forecasts
  • Rapidly implement innovative monetization models
  • Easily compute accurate sales commissions and gross margins


  • Proactively manage and optimize revenue strategies.
  • Automate the closing process to eliminate potential revenue leakage.
  • Ensure precise revenue recognition in alignment with ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud seamlessly merges Salesforce CPQ, Billing, and Subscription Management, establishing a potent synergy for an elevated sales and finance engine. This all-encompassing solution accommodates diverse models, including subscriptions, recurring revenue, and consumption-based structures.

We aid in selecting the most suitable implementation approach tailored to your requirements. Each component operates autonomously, giving you the flexibility to integrate CPQ with your CRM, Salesforce Billing with your current ERP, or Subscription Management with your CMS. Alternatively, integrate all three for a turbocharged end-to-end business enhancement from Lead-to-Ledger.


Expeditiously boost sales

Speed up the quotation process and reduce errors with guided selling. Save valuable time by utilizing personalized templates tailored to your specific requirements.

Up-to-the-minute insights

Identify revenue streams to predict forecast outcomes. Obtain a comprehensive 360-degree analysis of accounts and evaluate metrics using customizable dashboards.

Verification of transactions

Effortlessly establish market rules across multiple platforms, ensure secure gateways and seamless integrations, and realize cost savings through transaction validation.

Billing Mechanism

Generate invoices across diverse channels, manage dunning, collections, and ensure accurate revenue recognition. Mitigate financial risks and ease compliance burdens.

Update on Products and Pricing

Centrally oversee price lists and catalogs to streamline product bundling, intricate order configuration, and guided selling.

Self-service for subscriptions

Empower B2B customers globally to seamlessly upgrade, swap, and renew subscriptions across various platforms, from any location.

How does Salesforce Revenue Cloud integrate with your technology stack?

Being the inaugural end-to-end solution seamlessly linking sales, operations, and finance, a review of your existing architecture is essential to assess the trade-offs between your current setup and the requirements of your business strategy.