Salesforce Contracts

Salesforce Contracts automates and streamlines every stage of the contract lifecycle, covering authoring through compliance.

Generate and document contracts using your Salesforce data.




  • Generate a contract document based on an order, opportunity, or quote.
  • Access templates for all legal documents instantly.
  • Utilize data from your Salesforce org to ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • Expedite approvals using pre-set contract approval workflows.




  • Facilitate the pre-approval of clauses for efficient compliance workflows.
  • Optimize your approval process through automated streamlining.
  • Enhance control and precision with real-time versioning.
  • Monitor contracts throughout their entire lifecycle, all within a single, centralized location.




  • Consolidate and integrate all financial data associated with contracts for precise forecasting, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Mitigate risk through automated notifications that efficiently handle critical actions.
  • Create a thorough audit trail for every action taken during the contract lifecycle.

Salesforce Contracts


Self-service Contract Creation

Generate contracts on demand by utilizing a library of pre-approved clauses, standard terms and conditions, and other commonly used language.

Robust security

Ensure the security of your Salesforce contracts by implementing encryption and repository storage. Safeguard against forgery with eSignature security measures.

Remote collaboration

Accessible contracts enable real-time collaboration for sales and legal teams, regardless of their location.

Accelerated sales cycle

Eliminate manual processes, streamline approvals, and shorten the sales cycle with Salesforce Contracts.

Real-time visibility

Effortlessly track the status and updates of contracts throughout the entire lifecycle, spanning from authoring to activation and compliance.

Error prevention

Reduce the likelihood of human error by automating the contract creation process.

How does Salesforce Billing fit into your tech stack?

Salesforce now seamlessly integrates native contract management functionality from your CRM to your CLM, enabling you to generate contracts and oversee the entire contract process without leaving Salesforce.

Leverage the features of Salesforce Contracts to optimize your end-to-end contract lifecycle management.

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